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Website redesign

Website redesign is the process of updating the design, appearance, and/or functionality of an existing website with the goal of enhancing its aesthetic appeal, user-friendliness, and adapting it to modern trends and technologies. Redesign may involve changes to visual elements, page layouts, color schemes, fonts, graphics, as well as technical improvements, performance optimization, and responsiveness for mobile devices.

Website redesign goals
Enhanced user experience
Increased conversion
Rates mobile device adaptation
Improved SEO
Strengthened brand identity
Content refreshmen

Web design continues to evolve, and what seemed modern a few years ago can now be outdated and ineffective. Website redesign is not just about visual changes but also about updating functionality, adapting to new devices, and improving user experience.

Website redesign can be partial, focusing on specific elements, or complete, where the entire site's appearance and structure change. It's carried out considering business goals, audience needs, and design trends, with the aim of creating a more effective and contemporary online presence.

Our team of experienced designers and developers pays maximum attention to every project detail. We thoroughly study your company, goals, and audience to create a design that reflects your brand's uniqueness and provides your clients with a pleasant and efficient user experience.

Work stages

Stage of analysis, planning, and goal definition for the redesign. The structure is planned, and a brief with requirements for the new design is created. A precise technical specification is developed.
Conducting target audience research. A general concept for the new design is developed, including creating layouts and sketches.
Technical implementation of the agreed-upon layouts.
Testing of all work.
Uploading the results of the work to the server/hosting.
Further website maintenance and support
Project examples

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