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Kirill Kirill Kovalenko
Boguslav Boguslav Koledinsky
At the core of our company are two individuals - Boguslav Koledinsky and Kirill Kovalenko. With over 20 years of experience in the technical field, Boguslav is an expert in software development and technical support. Kirill, on the other hand, specializes in client relationship management and ensuring a high level of service.
Our company was founded in 2021, and since then, we have been on a path of success and growth. We take pride in having expanded our operations within a short span, opening offices in Minsk, Warsaw, and Astana.

Our Mission

To create innovative technologies that change the world around us. We strive to simplify people's lives and enhance the efficiency of our clients' businesses by providing them with modern solutions and tools. We are continuously evolving and seeking new approaches to remain at the forefront of the industry and meet our clients' needs.
100+ projects 2 offices 45 Employees
We are a reliable partner for our clients, providing them with high-quality services and solutions. We contribute to their growth and success in the dynamic field of information technology.


Our company's team consists of over 45 highly skilled specialists, including technical experts and professionals in client relationship management.
team UI/UX designer Alexandra Sidorovich
team Backend developer Stanislav Sutulo
team SMM specialist Angelina Kovalenko
team Sales Manager Evgeniy Makhon
team SEO Specialist Igor Novitsky
team Full stack developer Minchukov Nikita
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