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IT for good : Changing the world through technology and charity

Our company takes pride in not only embracing technical innovations but also actively participating in charitable projects aimed at supporting and improving our society.
We strive for our charitable efforts to be directed towards supporting important societal issues and challenges. That's why we actively invest our time, resources, and expertise in supporting various charitable projects. Our team not only participates in fundraising and donations but also actively engages in volunteer events, providing practical assistance to those in need.
At the core of our company are two individuals - Boguslav Koledinsky and Kirill Kovalenko. With over 20 years of experience in the technical field, Boguslav is an expert in software development and technical support. Kirill, on the other hand, specializes in client relationship management and ensuring a high level of service.
Our charitable projects
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If you have ideas or suggestions for charitable projects that we can collaborate with, please contact us.

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