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CRM development

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management, which is a specialized software that enables companies to collect, store, and analyze information about their customers. CRM is an acronym for Customer Relationship Management system. It serves to enhance business efficiency, improve communication quality, and boost sales performance.

What types of CRM do we create
For Sales or HR
Analytical CRM
Industry-Specific CRM
Production Management
Mobile CRM

CRM is a collection of various solutions, approaches, and integrations that enable the most efficient company management. Let's consider several advantages of having your own CRM for customers:

Automation. These systems accelerate the execution of routine tasks such as contact management, distributions, data collection, and reporting. Implementing CRM also aids in swiftly identifying and rectifying errors in business processes;

Enhanced Customer Relations. Mass storage of information improves communication, support, and interaction with customers;

Advanced Analytics. Almost any CRM comes with dedicated functionality for gathering statistical data, enabling prompt tracking of successes and issues in business processes, sales, or marketing.

Work stages

Development of Technical Specification. Defining requirements and concept. Creating a mind map
Concept Alignment with You and Architecture Design
Creation of User-Friendly UX/UI Design: Layout, frontend development, and backend programming
Content Population and Loading Essential Information
Testing of the Created Product
Uploading CRM to the Server or Hosting:
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