Brand book and corporate identity development
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Brandbook development

Brand book development, also known as a style guide, brand manual, or brand book, is the process of creating a document that contains a set of rules and recommendations for the consistent and cohesive use of a company's or product's brand. The brand book serves as a crucial guide that aids in maintaining and recognizing the brand across various contexts and communication channels.

What is a brand book for?
Brand creation
Brand/Product expansion
Increasing recognition
Building trust

A brand book is not just a set of rules and graphic elements; it's the heart and soul of your company, your unique identity. Our team of professionals is ready to help you create an exceptional brand book that emphasizes the uniqueness of your brand and captures the attention of your target audience.

We understand that every brand is unique, which is why our approach to brand book development is always individualized. Our goal isn't to create "just another generic brand book." We want your brand to stand out in the market, to be memorable, and to evoke genuine admiration from your audience.

Throughout the brand book development process, we pay special attention to every detail. We study the audience, analyze competitors, and explore design and marketing trends to create a brand book that remains relevant and effective in the long term.

Work stages

Conducting research on your company, competitors, and target audience.
Creating a unique and effective logo. Defining the overall brand style, including color palette and typography.
Crafting graphic elements. Developing layouts for branding stationery, apparel, web documentation.
Gathering feedback and making adjustments and refinements.
Providing guidelines and recommendations for using brand elements.
Handing over all materials.
Project examples

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