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Creating bots

Chatbots are small programs designed for automated interaction with users through web interfaces or messaging platforms. They can perform various functions related to executing routine actions: sending reminders, welcome messages, conducting broadcasts, engaging in conversations, following predefined algorithms on a website, and much more. Developing a chatbot is a powerful tool for enhancing business processes and customer service.

What types of bots do we create
Communication Chatbots
Telegram Bots
WhatsApp Bots
Virtual Assistants
Search Bots
Other Chatbots

The advantages of developing chatbots are evident – improved customer service efficiency, availability, business process automation, and easy scalability. Let's take a closer look at some of the bot benefits:

Efficiency. Chatbots automatically respond to frequently asked questions and help quickly assess product or service effectiveness, reducing response time and data collection;

24/7 Availability. Bot development ensures continuous access to information and support, which is particularly crucial for international business or online sales;

Automation. Bots automate routine tasks such as form filling, order processing, or message distribution;

Scalability. A network of chatbots can serve customers simultaneously, enabling the business to grow and provide quality service even under higher demand.

Work stages

Development of the Technical Specification: Defining requirements and technologies
Architecture Design and Mind Maps for the Chatbot
Chatbot Programming and, if necessary, Training
Testing of the Created Chatbot
Handover to the Client
Technical Support and Scalability
Project examples

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